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Journey Within is a journey to your inner self.

It is a ride into your own subconscious with the intent to reprogram it and realign your beliefs,values and action with your current goals. Helmed by certified life and business coach Peyush Bhatia,the organization is on a mission to inspire people and transform lives. Our assorted offerings that include powerful retreats, one-on-one life coaching, corporate training programs and a one year program for life coaching, are thoughtfully designed to empower people on different paths and from all walks of life. Each of them is directed at helping people to break their inner barriers, heal, know their true potential, find life’s purpose, manifest their desires and complete their journey to ultimate joy, peace, and fulfilment.

The Journey Within

“You are more powerful than you think; Rise up, Move forward, Unfurl your True Potential!”

Journey within is a journey into your inner self. It is a dive into your own sub conscious to help you discover your true potential. It is a ride to new possibilities; a finding of your true desires; an expedition to discover the forbidden joy hidden deep inside you.

Journey within is an attempt to help you overcome life’s challenges by breaking your inner barriers and finding solutions that lie within. Equipped with several years of experience in healing people and helping them achieve their goals, we are a team of enthusiasts who look forward to create a better tomorrow for the lives we touch. Blending the best-known scientific techniques and psycho-therapeutic approach, we explore all angles of human mind and heart to deliver extraordinary results.

Cellular memory regeneration, a vital part of human existence that is completed every 60 days, helps us break old patterns and form new ones. These 60 days are crucial for us to change our old way of thinking, habits and practices and form new ones that are more progressive and ideal for our success and happiness. Our life coach is always with you through this vital period, supporting you in all forms, to ensure that the transformation works in your favour and to see you emerge as a stronger and better human; capable of taking things in your stride.

Life Coaching

Life coaching guides you through the challenges of your life and paves way for your success and inner peace. It is a fruitful method to create newer horizons and expands one’s ability, skill and mind

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Public Speaking

Touching the lives of hundreds of listeners on a public forum by communicating and interacting over diverse topics, we conduct various seminars round the year

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Corporate Programs

Communicating efficiently within a corporate set-up and the ability to build cohesive teams that can deliver best performance under a dynamic environment are the key to professional

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Parenting, though looks like the most natural process, in reality is an acquired skill. Obsessed by the thought of keeping your child safe and happy, you often miss the fact that he/she is a separate

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WHY Journey With In?


The solution to your darkest challenges lie hidden within you. Outsmart them by kindling your inner strength with support from our experienced life coach equipped with smart psycho-dynamic tools.


Bury your stress and worries and develop a different outlook towards life. We help you derive joy and gratitude from each of your experiences, good or bad, and bring you immense contentment and deep-seated happiness.


You can achieve incredible feats, should you harness your talent and discover your abilities. Spread your wings, reach out and experience a complete change. We make this possible by handholding you and guiding you along the way.


While you walk towards your goals, let distractions not mislead you, nor let any weakness hold you back. Liberate yourself, be free and strong, and keep both hope and faith alive. We can take you towards your dreams, one step at a time, helping you be what you want.

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