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Parenting, though looks like the most natural process, in reality is an acquired skill. Obsessed by the thought of keeping your child safe and happy, you often miss the fact that he/she is a separate individual with a distinct soul, mind, thought process and identity; completely different from you. Journey Within supports you to identify your child’s real needs and address them appropriately, thus helping you to lay a solid foundation for your role as a parent.

As a parent, you get trapped to not just own the child but also to decide his/her fate. Instead of empowering the child to take his/her own decisions, however small they may seem now, you throw your decisions on him/her. Wouldn’t it be better if you could enable your child to be responsible for his/he own life through your unconditional support? Unlearn the conventional ways of parenting and master the ones that are best you for child’s development. Be a better parent and nurture a better life; approach experts in parenting today!