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Each one of us is a bundle of emotions but how many of us can recognize them? Do we use our emotional intellect to form better relationships with our peers and team and emerge as a superior leaders and team player? A higher Emotional Quotient (EQ) drives emotional strength and prepares one to pursue bigger responsibilities. It helps one to produce excellent results in a corporate culture, well-known for its inflated stress levels.

Our Emotional Intelligence Program helps you to discover your emotional abilities and harness them to transform relationships at work, be an exceptional leader and tread faster towards your goals. Here is what you can expect from it:-

  • ► Assess your Emotional Intelligence by following a hands-on approach, develop a higher EQ, and gain elevated emotional strength.
  • ► Understand how emotions can influence thoughts, decision making ability and relationships.
  • ► Be more responsible, attune yourself for higher expectations and learn to deliver well in high-pressure situations.
  • ► Create strong and cohesive teams by understanding their emotional state and supporting them in hour of need.
  • ► Learn how to develop empathy and care for your team through active listening and communication, evoking deep trust and loyalty.
  • ► Establish a clear line of communication, set expectations and motivate your team to achieve goals.
  • ► Resolve conflicts in an amicable manner.
  • ► Use the power of positivity to improve your personal and professional relationships.