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To bring ones attention to experience the present moment and park outside the issues, stress carrying from outside world and prepare them to enjoy workshop a little more.

Who am I..?
To have an understanding of who you are in this journey called life by addressing the four areas of human existence.

Difference between Mind & Brain
Understanding brain as the hardware mind as software and the thoughts are the virus in this software.

Understanding Emotions
Understanding emotions, how to practically use emotions, only when required, to create results and not cause damage.

Effect of Emotion on body
How our emotions lead to disease & how we can heal our body.

Brain Functioning
Understand brain & to get tuned to using cognitive part of brain which accelerates intelligent thinking.

Improved effectiveness
Learn tools, technique to deal with problems & situations & people.

Overcome barriers
Drop all triggers that cause damage in relationships. Learn techniques of communicating a breakdown assertively & convert it in to a break through.

Assertive communication
Creates a space of power & win win situation for everyone in team

Soul story
To understand we are all one we are all drops of same ocean. It creates sense of oneness & improves team work.