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Learn to garner your emotional strength and use is as a tool to create better relationships, shoulder higher responsibilities, become an admirable leader and achieve greater success.

  • ► Are you unable to succeed despite a high Intelligence Quotient?
  • ► Do negative emotions overwhelm you?
  • ► Does something unknown interfere with your leadership abilities?
  • ► Do you feel emotionally weak and get tired very easily?
  • ► Is the increasing burden of responsibilities putting you under deep stress?
  • ► Do you find it difficult to understand the other person’s point of view?
  • ► Are you low on confidence and fail to communicate desirably?

Workshop Objectives:

  • ► Assess your Emotional Intelligence, develop a higher EQ, and gain elevated emotional strength.
  • ► Understand how emotions can influence thoughts, decision making ability and relationships.
  • ► Be more responsible, attune yourself for higher expectations and learn to deliver well in high-pressure situations.
  • ► Create strong and cohesive teams by understanding their emotional state and supporting them in hour of need.
  • ► Learn to develop empathy and care for your team through active listening.
  • ► Establish a clear line of communication, set expectations and motivate your team to achieve goals.
  • ► Resolve conflicts in an amicable manner.
  • ► Use the power of positivity to improve your personal and professional relationships.