journey to manifestation webinar2 – Peyush Bhatia

Join this webinar if you are-

  • Stuck in your life
  • Struggling with money matters
  • Chasing abundance
  • Dealing with stress & anxieties
  • Struggling with past traumas, childhood abuse or social conditioning
  • Stuck in a toxic relationship
  • Facing mental, emotional & physical health challenges
  • Wish to build incredible relationships
  • Want to break your barriers & rise to your potential
  • Attract money, abundance, health, fame, happiness & relationships
Webinar Date: [30th March, 2024]
Time: [4PM:-6PM]

Hosted by: Dr. Peyush Bhatia, Manifestation Expert, Life Coach & Therapist

Take this first step towards manifesting your dreams.
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Everything is energy.

We are energy beings
our thoughts, emotions & desires have energetic vibrations.

We attract what we feel

If you feel stuck in a negative mindset, you are stuck in a low energy spiral. This can be because of past trauma, childhood conditioning or your beliefs.

Low energy vibrations attract negative experiences

The energetic block is blocking you from changing
your situation & moving ahead.

Change your energy. Chnage your life.

To achieve your dreams, you will have to first raise your energy Adopt a mindset that works in your favour.A mindset that radiates the abundance that you believe you deserve.

Join this webinar and learn how to-

  • Reprogram your subconscious to create a positive mindset
  • Break away from beliefs & value patterns that no longer serve you
  • Use your mind as a powerful tool to heal and rejuvenate
  • Acquire tools & techniques to raise your energy
  • Work on yourself to move forward in life
  • Become a money magnet and own your financial freedom
  • Improve your health & wean out of medicines
  • Manifest Money, Health, & Relationships

What is included?

  • Comprehensive insights from renowned Manifestation Coach & Therapist
  • Practical tips & tools to change your energy
  • Experiential learning
  • Q&A session
Don’t allow your past to hold you back. Change your energy & transform your life.
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If you want more out of life, this webinar is for you!

Ask yourself:

  • Is my income way below my aspirations?
  • Am I losing clarity of my goals?
  • Do I feel stuck and unfulfilled?
  • Am I unable to control my thoughts & emotions?
  • Do I procrastinate everything?
  • Am I constantly struggling with stress & anxieties?
  • Are my relationships in a mess?
  • Am I falling sick again & again?
  • Do I deserve an abundant and joyful life?

If you said ‘Yes’ to one or more of these, you must attend this webinar.

Raise your vibrations, tap into higher frequencies, set the right intentions and attract infinite money, great health and ultimate relationships into your life.
This is your golden ticket to break free from a toxic mindset and live an extraordinary life!

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  • Problem controlling thoughts & emotions
  • Negative perception
  • Life feels overwhelming
  • Perpetual stress & anxiety
  • Lifestyle diseases and frequent medications
  • Work-life imbalance
  • Lack of money
  • Career problems
  • Instable or toxic relationships
  • Problem getting over past hurt
  • Lack of self-worth/ self-confidence


  • Complete control on your mind
  • An empowering mindset
  • Life feels easy and in flow
  • Experience mental strength
  • Enjoy an excellent emotional & physical health
  • Wean out of medicines
  • Build the relationships you desire
  • Step into the frequency of abundance
  • Earn desired income from the right sources
  • Get rid of your past & create the future you deserve
  • Develop empowering belief patten aligned to your purpose
  • Break free from toxic relationships
  • Improved confidence, self-worth & determination
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[ 30th March, 2024 ], [ 4PM-6PM ]
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I am Dr. Peyush Bhatia.
I have empowered 1000+ to break their barriers, change their energy and achieve their dreams. And I look forward to do the same for you.

I am a Doctorate in Quantum Physics and Metaphysics with an extensive experience spanning over two decades as a Manifestation and Life Coach. I am also a Certified Business Coach from the American School of Business Psychology. Over the years I have mastered the art of integrating scientific principles with spiritual wisdom to achieve transformative outcomes. My work and teachings have received recognition from esteemed media channels and prominent print publications such as CNBC, Radio Dilli, FM Radio, Medium, Thrive Global etc.

My expertise includes manifesting abundance, reprogramming of the subconscious, chakra balancing, mental, emotional and physical healing, and resolving of inner conflicts. Through experiential sessions and proven techniques, I have helped people to achieve 100% success in navigating through their anxieties, depression, money issues and relationship problems. I have also mastered the concept of neuroplasticity and epigenetics, using them to help people wean out of medicines and lead a healthier and wholesome life.

If any of this resonates with you, let’s get in touch on 30th March, 2024, 4PM-6PM.
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