Journey Within Retreat – Peyush Bhatia

Upcoming Retreat Puri in July / Jim Corbett in July

JOURNEY WITHIN with Peyush bhatia

Have you ever looked at your life like an outsider ? Doing this can give you a new perspective, just like this 4 days 3 night retreat!

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  • Next retreat:24 to 28 July 2024
  • Place: Puri
  • Package35k all inclusive except travel
  • Next retreat:11 to 14 July 2024
  • Place: Jim Corbett
  • Package35k all inclusive except travel

1. The Journey Within Retreat

Welcome to a life-changing experience…
0% Stress. 100% Rejuvenation. 360° Transformation.

When did you last pause to reflect on things that really matter? Your health, relationships, career-graph, happiness, peace of mind or mental health.

Presenting a perfect escape from the outer noise and chaos into nature’s lap. Hear the sound of birds, trek in the mountains, meditate in mysterious caves, watch the sun dissolve into the mountains; and amidst all this, rediscover yourself and the innate connection with your soul- the source of your happiness & well-being.

Indulge in diverse holistic-wellness activities that will help you to detox, rejuvenate, build a positive mindset, mend relationships, balance your emotions, and manifest all that you have so longed for. To join our upcoming retreat, click

During the retreat you will:

  • Let go of your ego, resentment, false pride, fears & past baggage
  • Set your goals, redefine your priorities and form new perspectives
  • Identify and correct any ineffective coping behaviours
  • Connect strongly with your inner self & enjoy holistic well-being
  • Gain mastery over your thoughts, feelings & emotions
  • Connect better with your loved ones and build stronger relationships
  • Recalibrate your mind, body & soul to bring them into a perfect alignment
  • Experience a rare sense of calm and happiness deep within you

What is included?

  • Soulful meditation
  • Rhythmic breathing
  • Subconscious reprogramming
  • Overcome past barriers
  • Biology of beliefs
  • Mini Vipassana
  • Inner child healing
  • Sound healing
  • Emotional healing

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Inner Child Healing

Heal your childhood trauma & radiate your inner light
Children are born with an open mind and a heart full of love and trust. We are always willing to surrender and give our utmost to our parents and early caregivers. However, only a fortunate few are reciprocated with the same amount of love, care and trust. Many others suffer a traumatic childhood and have their early memories flooded with pain, hurt, stress and sufferings. To escape this trauma and protect yourself, you hide behind a wall. Here, you bury your most amazing gifts, your inner light and sparkle. You bury it so deep within that you forget the path to it. Retrieving it becomes nearly impossible.

The threat does go away after sometime but it leaves behind a wounded inner child. Your actual self with all your spark and originality is still hiding behind the wall. It refuses to come out for the fear of being hurt again.

Join our retreat to release this fear and heal your childhood trauma. Our inner child healing workshop will help you to dig down into your fears and apply medicine on your wounds. As you let go off all your pain and sufferings, it will become easier for you to be your original vibrant self and shine in your beautiful and sparking light once again.

Embark the road to healing yourself and learn to love and trust people as you once did.
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Upcoming Retreat Puri in July / Jim Corbett in July

2. Corporate Retreat

Build a motivated high-performance team
How your employees work, lead, interact, communicate, team-up, bond, manage their time, and resolve conflicts at workplace defines the performance and growth of your organization.

Our corporate retreats provide a perfect opportunity for your employees to shed their inhibitions, boost their confidence, polish their skills, excel in communication, connect as a team and grow at a personal and professional level. In addition, it enables you to reinforce your company’s culture, belief and vision as well as provide an equitable platform to every employee to express, brainstorm, innovate and explore their creativity and strengths.

Join our upcoming retreat and embark a journey of professional growth and success. Click

What will you gain?

  • Explore individual strengths to spark creativity and innovation
  • Enhance inter-personal interaction and team communication
  • Easy & effective conflict management
  • Lead the team more effectively
  • Effective platform for open communication with seniors & leaders
  • Excellent opportunity to engage & reward employees
  • Boost morale and team performance
  • Improve camaraderie within teams & the organization
  • Renew employee’s joy, excitement and enthusiasm at work
  • Enhance employee’s mental & emotional well-being
  • Build deeper commitment to the organisation’s mission and values

What is included?

  • Team building
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership skills
  • Team activities
  • Awards & recognition

Soul Retreat

Elevate your soul to live a fuller & joyful life

Open the doors to your mind, body and soul and unleash your soul power to excel in every aspect of your life and manifest all you have ever desired.

Irrespective of your age, circumstances and background, our Soul Retreat is a great tool to connect with yourself at a spiritual level and stimulate health and happiness. The kriyas and workshops will help you to attain mental clarity, make room for your strengths and bring extraordinary improvement in your health.
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What will you gain?

  • Connect with your inner-self and reflect on your life
  • Attain mental clarity and determine your goals
  • Release negative energy and weaknesses to embrace your strength
  • Improve your heart health and regulate blood pressure
  • Elevate your intuition and sharpen fight-flight response
  • Detoxify your body and feel more energetic and vibrant
  • Enhance digestive health & get rid of gastrointestinal issues, indigestion, etc.
  • Eliminate stress, anxiety and depression
  • Build trust and intimacy by aligning with your partner
  • Improve memory, reverse ageing and enjoy a glowing skin

What is included?

  • Soul journey
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Raising your energetic vibrations
  • Sun & moon meditation
  • Sitting, walking & sleeping meditation
  • Bandhas and asanas
  • Soul work
  • Mindfulness in practice
  • Overcome past barriers
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Upcoming Retreat Puri in July / Jim Corbett in July