GAMES OF LIFE – Peyush Bhatia

A win-win strategy
Are you ready?

  • ► To live an ultimate life;
  • ► To win every game that you play in it;
  • ► To enjoy the best possible relationships with everyone;
  • ► To take yourself to the pinnacle of your career;
  • ► To take pleasure in the small joys of life;
  • ► To realize who you actually are;
  • ► To find out the true purpose of your life;
  • ► To deal with criticism with the widest-possible smile;
  • ► To trade everything negative for the positive;
  • ► To feel empowered at every step of your life.

Play the most incredible game of life and win it against all odds that come your way. Live life as if there will be no tomorrow. Discover things that you never knew existed. Learn about life, identify your inner desires and find your true happiness.

The Game of Life workshop is about to begin! Are you ready for it?