Do you feel like crying often without a reason, feel hopeless and lonely, and do not find joy in things you once loved? Chances are that you are depressed. Victims to depression often stay unattended due to the stigma attached to it.

Depression is a mental state where the person suffering from it experiences an overwhelming feeling of sadness and often looses interest in all activities and in life itself. One more sign is that though people suffering from it are aware of their state, they are unable to consciously make efforts to get better.

Depression is a very complex mental disorder and can happen due to many known and unknown reasons. A sudden death of a close one, excessive grief, conflicts, changes in lifestyle, and movement to another location are few common causes for depression. Past instances of sexual, physical or mental abuse may also cause chronic depression in later stages of life. Substance abuse, existing illness, prolonged medications and chemical imbalances in brain along with a change in relationship status such as marriage or divorce can also be reasons for depression.


Here are few symptoms a combination of which can indicate signs of depression:-

• Loss of interest in doing any activity
• Difficulty in being socially involved
• Withdrawing from things that were earlier enjoyable
• Frustration & irritability
sadness that lasts for prolonged periods
• Indecisiveness
• Guilt & feeling of being a failure
• Fatigue and lack of physical strength
• Trouble sleeping
• Change in appetite

What can one do?

Though it may sound like the most difficult thing, one thing that will really help is to gather all your guts and determination, stand up for yourself, and punch it on the face. Team it up with meditation as it will help you turn inwards and take conscious steps to fight the condition. Do use your family as a strong cushion for each time you fall back and need the strength to start over again. Most of all seek professional help and learn the techniques for sure-shot revival at a faster pace. Peyush Bhatia, a life coach has helped many survive against depression and find happiness and peace. You can be next. Contact her at or


How often have you thought “Oh! I don’t want to loose. Please God don’t make me loose”? Or maybe “I don’t want him to reject me”.
We just hate failures and want to be successful at every point in life. Isn’t it? But what are we actually doing? Are we not attracting more failure by thinking about failure? By focussing on things that we fear, we are actually asking for more of it. The law of attraction says that ‘we attract whatever we focus on.’ So why not focus on things we have and are thankful for so that we attract more of them and find more reasons to be thankful?

Gratitude, the ‘highest frequency’ emotion, has the power to bring you unmatched success. Take it this way- if you are thankful for everything that you have (the smallest of them), you attract more reasons to be thankful for. Being in gratitudesubconsciously weaves enormous opportunities and creates positive outcomes so that you always remain in gratitude. Since it pulls in more of what you have and want, the attitudeautomatically transpires into your success.

You might say “I have nothing to be thankful about.” If that is the case, let me tell you that when you woke up today, about 1,50,000 people did not rise-up. Be thankful that you did. Be grateful that you have two eye, four limbs and a brain that functions, as many do not have the same privilege. Say thank you to the person who cooks for you or to the watchman who guards your home every day and see the sparkle cross their eyes. I bet you will feel great too. A different kind of positivity crosses you when you are thankful and starts reflecting in your productivity and life.

Ever experienced an unsurpassable feeling of joy when someone appreciates you? Doesn’t that beautiful emotion get etched in heart forever? Does it not change your equation with the person? Gratitude can certainly help you bond stronger and create healthier relationships.

Showing gratitude even works during times when you think that nothing is going good and your life is a mess. Being thankful about whatever little you have helps you escape pessimism and instead look for new avenues to emerge as a winner. Gratitude awakens a hope for fresh possibilities and actually helps you see beyond failures, attracting more goodness in life.
Though gratitude is beautiful, practising it often in life, especially amid tough situations, can be best done with professional help. Peyush Bhatia is certified life coach and an expert in Quatum physics. As law of attraction practitioner she can guide you to live in gratitude and attract enormous success. Visit her at

Relationship with spouse- from hell to harmony

Relationship with spouse- from hell to harmony

Everyone wants a perfect marriage- an excellent relationship with their spouse and absolutely no fights; leave alone broken relationships. Isn’t it? However, most experience difficulties in their marriages time and again. Husband-wife start to fight, blame and love vanishes. But why? What goes wrong?

The whole thing starts with expectations. It’s when spouses, instead of giving love to each other start expecting it from each other. When we want the other to do something or behave in a certain way we like..when we try to squeeze happiness from each other by changing the other person and make them exactly like us. And when someone does not change as we want, the blame game begins, people take offense and start justifying .

If we are truly so obsessed with how we live, wouldn’t it be better to marry a robot who can follow our directions precisely. Do you really think that can make you happy? It’s important to understand here that no one but you can make yourself happy. Your happiness comes from your inner state and not from anyone else.

As humans, we are meant to be different. Each one has a different genetic brain design which simply cannot be altered. This decides how he/she will behave, think, perceive or react. It’s just like blood group. Do you question why your spouse’s blood group doesn’t match yours? Then why reason out the difference in your genetic brain designs? People are designed differently and this cannot change. The moment you can accept this you will stop expecting your spouse to share your view point. That is when you will start respecting the differences and harmony in relationship will set in. So, get started with these points:-

1. Focus on your spouse’s positive qualities, what you focus on grows
2. Try to view the situation from his/her view point. This will evoke acceptance, compassion, and unconditional love
3. Remember that people cannot change. Just accept them as they are
4. There is no 50-50 responsibility in marriage. It’s your marriage and you need to take 100% responsibility for its success.
Writen by Peyush Bhatia, who is a lifecoach supporting people in reaching their highest potential . She specializes in helping people dealing with depression n relationship issues. You can contact her at 9205658544 or visit her website

You create your outer reality

“Seeing is believing.” Isn’t that what we all heard while growing up?
But, what if I say that it is the other way round?
That “Believing is Seeing.”
That, we only see what we believe in. That, these beliefs form a perception in our mind. And the perceptions define how we see the world around us.
Confusing? Let’s understand this through a small anecdote:-

Scene 1:

A child was standing in a room full of mirrors. Innocent and unknowing, he made cute and delightful faces. When he looked around, he saw hundreds of people making the same cute and delightful faces in response to his reaction. Encouraged, he made many more such faces and was overjoyed to receive similar reaction from the world around him.

Scene 2:

In the same room full of mirrors, there stood an angry and frustrated man. His eyes and face carried expressions of rage and hatred. When he looked around, he saw the world around him reflecting the same emotions. Outraged, he looked back with redoubled frustration and saw people around him again reflecting the same. This continued till the time his anger knew no limits and he killed himself as a consequence.


So, what was unique and different about each situation? In both cases, each person perceived the world as a reflection of his inner state .Since the child was inwardly happy, he could see a joyful world around him while the frustrated man could only see hatred, malice and resentment flowing from people around him.The difference was just an outcome of their individual mental state.
Think of your mind as a mirror. Whatever is the perception in your mind is what you will project and perceive in the outside world. Whatever beliefs, value system, characteristics, personality and patterns you are made up of will reflect in the mirror of your mind and determine how you see the world around you. Whatever is within you will become the reality outside you.
In daily lives, we all have been through so many instances of insecurity, jealousy, anger, revenge, gratitude, love, admiration, etc. Next time, when you experience any of these, just take out an honest moment to peep inside. You will realize that these emotions are inside-out. You will notice that you are carrying them within yourselves which is why you are getting it back from the world. These emotions are a clear reflection of who you are and what you believe about yourselves. If you are full of love, you will see the world around you filled with love. Similarly, if you carry hatred inside, the world around you will automatically be seen as one filled with hatred.

To change the experience of the outside world, all you need to do is – clear your mental lens. Look within yourselves, find your negative traits and fix them up. Once your inside is clear of dirt, the outside will become clear too. Once the lens is barren of negative emotions and beliefs, you will start experiencing a world that is extremely beautiful both inside out.
The law of projection is an excellent tool to show you who you really are. And once you understand this, it becomes easier to change things within you and become an amazing person full of love and virtues.
Writer is Peyush Bhatia .she is a lifecoach by profession. For more info visit