You create your outer reality

“Seeing is believing.” Isn’t that what we all heard while growing up?
But, what if I say that it is the other way round?
That “Believing is Seeing.”
That, we only see what we believe in. That, these beliefs form a perception in our mind. And the perceptions define how we see the world around us.
Confusing? Let’s understand this through a small anecdote:-

Scene 1:

A child was standing in a room full of mirrors. Innocent and unknowing, he made cute and delightful faces. When he looked around, he saw hundreds of people making the same cute and delightful faces in response to his reaction. Encouraged, he made many more such faces and was overjoyed to receive similar reaction from the world around him.

Scene 2:

In the same room full of mirrors, there stood an angry and frustrated man. His eyes and face carried expressions of rage and hatred. When he looked around, he saw the world around him reflecting the same emotions. Outraged, he looked back with redoubled frustration and saw people around him again reflecting the same. This continued till the time his anger knew no limits and he killed himself as a consequence.


So, what was unique and different about each situation? In both cases, each person perceived the world as a reflection of his inner state .Since the child was inwardly happy, he could see a joyful world around him while the frustrated man could only see hatred, malice and resentment flowing from people around him.The difference was just an outcome of their individual mental state.
Think of your mind as a mirror. Whatever is the perception in your mind is what you will project and perceive in the outside world. Whatever beliefs, value system, characteristics, personality and patterns you are made up of will reflect in the mirror of your mind and determine how you see the world around you. Whatever is within you will become the reality outside you.
In daily lives, we all have been through so many instances of insecurity, jealousy, anger, revenge, gratitude, love, admiration, etc. Next time, when you experience any of these, just take out an honest moment to peep inside. You will realize that these emotions are inside-out. You will notice that you are carrying them within yourselves which is why you are getting it back from the world. These emotions are a clear reflection of who you are and what you believe about yourselves. If you are full of love, you will see the world around you filled with love. Similarly, if you carry hatred inside, the world around you will automatically be seen as one filled with hatred.

To change the experience of the outside world, all you need to do is – clear your mental lens. Look within yourselves, find your negative traits and fix them up. Once your inside is clear of dirt, the outside will become clear too. Once the lens is barren of negative emotions and beliefs, you will start experiencing a world that is extremely beautiful both inside out.
The law of projection is an excellent tool to show you who you really are. And once you understand this, it becomes easier to change things within you and become an amazing person full of love and virtues.
Writer is Peyush Bhatia .she is a lifecoach by profession. For more info visit

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