My take on # metoo . The movement against sexual harassment has exploded in India’s entertainment and news industries .Sexual assault is unacceptable. I feel it is an awakening and a reminder that we as a society cannot be complacent. We both have feminine n masculine power, shiva n the shakti. We need feminine power for creation n nurturing. Masculine energy is action oriented, giving and visionary . At some point in past society started getting dominated by agressive masculine energies and feminine became weaker and victimised. To have harmony masculine and feminine has to be in balance .Then only creation is possible. The women who have joined this movement have chosen to come out of the darkness They are like the phoenix that will rise from the ashes of their shame,guilt , suppression and inhibitions . There is a lot of impact on the mental health of the victim. There is a sense of powerlessness feeling guity or dirty depression and anxiety. Overcoming sexual assault takes lot of commitment and time. But once you overcome the negative into positive, your life will change forever. You will be stronger than before and undoubtedly a better version of your own self. Power is in the now. It is important to free yourself of the suppressed emotions especially anger.Self compassion , self forgiveness, healings, meditation and internalisation are some of the tools that can be used for healing this trauma. It helps a lot to have a trained counsellor .

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