Do you feel like crying often without a reason, feel hopeless and lonely, and do not find joy in things you once loved? Chances are that you are depressed. Victims to depression often stay unattended due to the stigma attached to it.

Depression is a mental state where the person suffering from it experiences an overwhelming feeling of sadness and often looses interest in all activities and in life itself. One more sign is that though people suffering from it are aware of their state, they are unable to consciously make efforts to get better.

Depression is a very complex mental disorder and can happen due to many known and unknown reasons. A sudden death of a close one, excessive grief, conflicts, changes in lifestyle, and movement to another location are few common causes for depression. Past instances of sexual, physical or mental abuse may also cause chronic depression in later stages of life. Substance abuse, existing illness, prolonged medications and chemical imbalances in brain along with a change in relationship status such as marriage or divorce can also be reasons for depression.


Here are few symptoms a combination of which can indicate signs of depression:-

• Loss of interest in doing any activity
• Difficulty in being socially involved
• Withdrawing from things that were earlier enjoyable
• Frustration & irritability
sadness that lasts for prolonged periods
• Indecisiveness
• Guilt & feeling of being a failure
• Fatigue and lack of physical strength
• Trouble sleeping
• Change in appetite

What can one do?

Though it may sound like the most difficult thing, one thing that will really help is to gather all your guts and determination, stand up for yourself, and punch it on the face. Team it up with meditation as it will help you turn inwards and take conscious steps to fight the condition. Do use your family as a strong cushion for each time you fall back and need the strength to start over again. Most of all seek professional help and learn the techniques for sure-shot revival at a faster pace. Peyush Bhatia, a life coach has helped many survive against depression and find happiness and peace. You can be next. Contact her at or

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